RAPS: A blockchain and IoT Rapid Prototyping and Simulation platform

Smartys is a startup and part of the Weconomics accelerator program ‘New Entrepreneurship.’ Smartys develops prototypes and simulations to accelerate the adoption of datadriven organizing with the internet of things, blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence, collectively referred to as the digital assembly line.

An essential condition for using the digital assembly line is not so much the technology but letting go of dominant logic in combination with a new perspective on organizing office work. Because data and a radically new way of organizing are rather abstract and a far-fromtheircase for many people, simulations help. To this end, Weconomics is expanding the existing simulations with a Rapid Prototyping Platform for Simulations (RAPS). RAPS can be used primarily by professionals, teachers, and students with a background in or from the following courses of study:

  • purchasing, logistics, supply chain management;
  • business administration, business economics, financing, accountancy;
  • computer science;
  • HR;
  • architecture, build environment, and facility management;
  • marketing and communication.

Purpose of the RAPS project

The purpose is to develop the current Smartys platform into a rapid prototyping platform for simulations. In the figure below, from use case to simulation. This allows students/teachers, and professionals to realize pilot projects in an accessible manner. This enables the operation of the digital assembly line to be shown, tried, and tested in an experience lab environment. It allows users to do this without any programming knowledge. Users can simulate different use cases with RAPS. This also allows cost and time savings to be calculated. It is not the intention that organizations with RAPS can actually apply a use case in a practical situation (a socalled business case). For now, the only aim is to demonstrate that the concept of the digital assembly line works and brings benefits. RAPS help you to develop a Minimum Viable Product. In combination with other Weconomics tools you als develop a Minimum Viable Ecosystem.

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