Experience how blockchain really works

Do you want to experiment with blockchain and see how it works in business processes? Then we have the solution for you: Smartys! We have simulated a number of business processes in our Smartys Simulation platform. Various new technologies like blockchain, smart contracts, IoT sensors, and IPFS are built into Smartys. With Smartys you will set your own parameters and execute business transactions on the blockchain. In real-time and interactive.

Smartys is used in education at universities and for business workshops. Smartys is also the perfect platform to build a Proof of Concept on, especially for the logistics business.

Smartys in RTL Transportwereld

“We use the Smartys concept in our own logistics simulation game. It enables us to demonstrate the use of blockchain, smart contracts and tokens to our students in a fun and interactive way.”

Smartys Products

Smartys for students

We have a Smartys educational training especially designed for students at universities

Smartys for businesses

We offer Smartys Simulation workshops for business managers

Smartys for Proof of Concepts

Smartys is the perfect platform to build your Proof of Concept on, especially for Logistics.

Partners and clients

The Smartys project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 824509.